Dining on campus isn’t one size fits all. Our meal plans were designed with you in mind. If you are looking to enjoy a meal with friends or just a snack on the go – we’ve got a plan to fit every appetite.

We’ve kept what’s most important to you in mind, building in the convenience, flexibility, quality, value and healthy options you deserve. Explore our meal plan options to learn more about what would be the best fit for you.

  • Do I need to buy a meal plan?
    All students that are living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan. While a meal plan purchase is not required for off-campus students, many students take advantage of the convenience and value a meal plan has to offer. View our “On-Campus” meal plans here and view our “Off-Campus” meal plans here. 

  • Will my meal plan auto renew for next semester? 
    All meal plans are a two-semester commitment. If you sign up for a meal plan in the Fall, you will automatically be enrolled for the same meal plan in the Spring. All changes must be done online or in the Eagle Dining office before the University's deadline to charge to student accounts. 

  • Will unused meals, bonus bucks, or dining dollars roll over? 
    It depends on what meal plan you have. All on-campus meal plans and bonus bucks expire at the end of the semester. In regards to off campus meal plans, the Daily 9 meal plan expires but the Campus Connector meal plan rolls over to the next semester. Campus Connector must be renewed in the spring.  All dining dollars will roll over to the next semester.

  • If I have already purchased a meal plan, can I change it?
    Yes, but meal plan change requests must be submitted to the Eagle Dining Office by the university charge deadline in the beginning of each semester. For questions, give us a call at 601-266-5376.
Don’t worry - simplicity and convenience are all within reach. Once you have a meal plan, your student ID works like a debit card. Just swipe your card and the meals and points are deducted from your meal plan account.

Our Meal Plans

Greek Housing
Students residing in the Sorority and Fraternity Housing can get the Southern Miss 100. 
Living On Campus

All students living in residential housing are required to buy a meal plan from the residential plan options. We have 3 all access meal plans to choose from that have unlimited dining the in the Fresh Food Company and Real Food on Campus located inside of Hillcrest dorm. Each plan has a different amount of Bonus Bucks that can be used as any Eagle Dining retail location. Bonus Bucks expire at the end of the semester. Students living in Greek Housing can choose the Southern Miss 100 meal plan or switch to one of the all access meal plans. Select any meal plan below to purchase online.

*Please allow 2 business days for purchase to be active.

Living Off Campus

Living off campus brings a different set of needs and challenges to college life. Commuters in the surrounding apartments are offered a select group of meal plans specifically tailored with flexibility in mind. All non-resident plans are offered in blocks of meals that can be used at any time, and include Dining Dollars that can be used at any dining location on campus. See our Meal Plan options below for more information. Select any meal plan below to purchase online.

*Please allow 2 business days for purchase to be active.

Add Dining Dollars
Running low on Dining Dollars? Recharge today and make your life easier! You can add any customized amount up to $500!

Add $100 and get 5% extra FREE 
Add $300 and get 10 % extra FREE 
Add $500 and get 15% extra FREE 
Or you can just customize any amount you wish. 

*Please allow 2 business days for purchase to be active.

Graduate Students
Meal plan requirements for underclassman apply for Graduate students. We recommend having some type of meal plan if you will be on campus to make your college experience smooth.  

*Please allow 2 business days for purchase to be active.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Meal Plans offer variety while saving you time and money and the best part is, the meals never expire! You never have to worry about leaving campus and losing your parking spot and don't worry about carrying cash all you need is your Faculty/Staff ID.

You can purchase your meal plan here or come to the Eagle Dining office.  Your 5 meals can be used in The Fresh Food Company or Real Food on Campus located inside of Hillcrest dorm. Buy a plan today to save money when eating in the dining halls and make your life easier!  

Not ready to buy a meal plan just yet? No problem, come by the office and pick up your 15% off Faculty/Staff appreciation card and receive a discount on retail locations and our dining halls.

*Please allow 2 business days for purchase to be active.

Need help with your meal plan?

General Manager
John Meyer